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Hey man I downloaded this song like when it first came out, and I now found out who made the song. This song and all the rest of your songs are pretty cool, sorry for such an extreme late review. I didn't leave one last last time because I thought for how good the song was, you had to of had a lot of fans. Keep up the good work, I hope to hear more this year and to come years.

There's know reviews, this song is awesome, even though it came out like a long time ago ( I even downloaded it a long time ago) I was just seeing what new songs came out, and had to see if i missed any song.

I've heard this tune before, or somewhat like another song I heard. Sound awesome Keep up the great work!!

I've been in Basic Training for 4 months and I finally was able to get
Back on here and I get to collect back up on what I've been missing.
I love this song, and Almost all of all your other music.

Nice song. Got to tell ya, I downloaded songs (that I liked) from this sight starting like early 2011, and it's now that i come back to the artist that i got some songs from that sounded great. I must say usually the early songs from artists aren't as good as their most recent one's, but I found that your's are great audio's from the begining to presen't. Keep up the good work. I still download and play :)

Sounds great without headphones!) Keep up the good work want to hear more!)

danyool777 responds:

Your missing all the sexy bass though :D
anyways thanks for the review <3

Hey another song!!.. Well i was actually kinda wanting to find more songs from last yr. to this yr.
Wish you could make some more songs, cause only one new song this year was disapointing/ but an okay one. Liked it, wish it was longer. (:

BlackVen0m4you responds:

Hi m8! YEAH! I know :( . I have been sooooo busy lately you can't imagen.But i will try making more soon! =) Hope you will like my projects.Take care m8 and Thanks a million times for liking this!

Sounds good, but I wish it was a wee bit louder. (:

DJJamez responds:

thanks! ahh yes!

Hey now

That's a neat tune 10/10. Keep up the great work and make the great to the best.

DiroNomer responds:

Thanks bro!


...Your 8-bit music. Wish I had time to put some work into the music making, but for now i'll just download and listen to the great audios.

DiroNomer responds:

Thanks :D

I just want to hear the great audios

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